John A. Walker Roofing Co., Inc. has formed many rewarding and lasting material manufacturer relationships over the 50 plus years of being in the roofing and sheet metal business.  Walker Roofing is approved to install roof systems of most types available to the industry through many different material manufacturers.   As a result of our reputation for quality work Walker Roofing feels very confident that if in the event the need arises to perform work on the very few systems which Walker Roofing is not pre- approved, approval can be pursued and obtained in a reasonable amount of time.

Our Extensive work force is experienced in all types of roofing including but not limited to:

Built-Up  *   Standing Seam   *   R Panel   *   M Panel   *   Single Ply   *   Green Roof   *   PVC   *   TPO

Our long standing relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers allow us to get you the best materials at the best prices for your roofing project.
We are approved applicators for: